After living in Senegal for 8 years, we have noticed a shortfall in good genetics, which are abundant in South Africa.

SENSA Agri has a well-connected network to import the best Quality genetics from the best breeders in South Africa. To date, we have imported a total of  400 animals, which all arrived in good condition.

We combine orders to fill up a crate of 50 goats and sheep of 6-8 months of age. Dairy and beef cattle aged 6-12 months can be imported at 10 to a crate.

Different breeds have been selected for the climate in Senegal, among them White Dorpers, Blackhead Persians, Skilder Persians, Van Rooy, Boer goats, Kalahari Reds, milking goats and Borans, Bonsmara, Brangus and Jersey cows.

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